Business News

Business news

The people of African origin in the UK have found their way into creating their own business at all levels in every sector, for example, the African food and beverage sector is now dominated by […]

what we do


AILTV has recorded and documented high profile conferences  in London and the Middle East  For example AILTV has worked with Allam Ahmed the founder of World Association for Sustainable Development [WASD], MEKEI and  Sudan Knowledge. […]

what we do

Outdoor events

Africans in the diaspora are progressing and are beginning to take control of their own affairs  Including businesses, live out door and indoor events. Since 2015 AILTV has recorded Kenya and Friends In The Park […]



Entertainment is a natural thing to people of Africa and Caribbean AILTV is heavily involved in music, theatre and many other forms of entertainment. For over  fifteen years AILTV has been documenting music activities and […]


The big interview

This the programme which showcases African and African Caribbean people who are doing things at any level. The Bing interview features academics, artists/contemporary painters, musicians, politicians, educators, people in the community, writers/authors, business people/entrepreneurs broadcasters […]


Community programmes

African and Caribbean people has vibrant communities all over London with in these communities there are interesting activities going on through out the year and with in these communities there people with interesting stories from […]