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Hand of African-american business leader holding by large wooden sailing wheel while turning it

The people of African origin in the UK have found their way into creating their own business at all levels in every sector, for example, the African food and beverage sector is now dominated by Africans it is now easy to find African food and drinks in places such as East and North London. Another area of business is property it is possible to purchase a property anywhere in Africa while in London

There are property firms set up in the UK especially in London, Ugandan Convention UK has been organising trade for over ten years and it attracts hundreds of people each year. Transportation is also picking up there are plenty of Cargo and freight companies such as Salabed and many others which are used to transport goods to various countries in Africa. New businesses are evolving an example of this is Joel O’Loughlin who has teamed up mango farmers in Ghana to produce variable products from mango fruits, Joel has gone a step further by supplying the machines the farmers in Ghana to produce dried mango slices. It is about time that Africans in the diaspora invested in food and drink industry in Africa which is worth $317 billion dollars projected to reach $1trillion dollars in 2030.

However, what is missing to create industries on a larger scale and create jobs for for people of African origin

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