The contributions made by the people of African origin to the United Kingdom can not be underestimated and deserve a massive recognition. When it comes to entertainment, Africans and African Caribbeans are in every sector of entertainment including, music, theatre, radio, television, fashion and beauty, advertising etc. The entertainment and media sector is projected to reach £79.8bn in 2024 and the diaspora is part of that contribution. But also there big celebrities of African descent such as Naomi Campbell, Leny Henry, Idris Elba, Daniel Kaluuya, Chiwetele Ejiofor, David Oyelowo, Adawale  Akinnoye Agbaje, Freem Agyeman the list is endless. But also there are business men and women in the industry such as Kamya King the founder of MOBO AWARDS. Not everybody is at top however there are individuals who are doing great things at community level which is vibrant buzzing events bringing communities together for Kenya and Friends In Park founded by Lydia Tet Olet, Ghana In The Park and Uganda In the Park.

Music and standup comedy shows promoted by Ugandan and Nigerian promoters was on the increase before COVID-19.

In summary the diaspora entertainment can be big as any industry if all peoples from the African continent would support each other.

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