AILTV is also a video  production service and is working in partnership with 3CsMSG Media. Since joining forces  we have  covered  Fashion shows, live concerts and Award ceremonies. 

We offer a wide range of services from live events including, live concerts, out door events, weddings, fashion & beauty, live debates, chat shows and live streaming

Audio Recording

We specialise in audio recrding in studio or location recording, mixing and mastering. Work in partnersship with trusted studio owners with years of experience in audio reproduction. 

Post Production

AILTV has a wide experince in video and audio editing. We use industrial standard tools found in professional studio.


AILTV has a net work of professional photographers for any occaison

Video production

AILTV is professional video production company with years of experience up to date with modern technology, Working with partners such as Broadcast services we are able to shoot and strealive events in full HD and 4K.

Live Streaming

AILTV streaming services are of high quality, Working in partnership with Broadcast Service one of the premier broadcast equipment hire company in the UK we  are able to stream any where anytime where there is no internet connection.


It is not easy to make a record with professinla sound as musicians and record producers we are teaming up with studio owners and independent producers,mixers and mastering engineers in the UK and in America to help young and upcoming musicians with small budgets.

We do Weddings

In glorious HD and 4K

Weddings are very special events we understand that weddings are of sentimenta value, and in so doing not only do we capture and photograph weddings using high level equipment, but also we like to work hand in hand with the bride and groom  so that we do not miss out on details of the wedding 


Weddings are very special occaisions
we understand that in order to deliver
and satisfy our cleints, we work hand in
hand with the couple so that we capture
every detail of the wedding.

All kinds of weddings

Weddings are not the same no matter 
the size of the wedding specialcare 
must be taken before the wedding
takes place

Traditional Wedding

Not all weddings are conducted in
church. Traditional weddings are
always colourful and we love colour

We shoot in all formats


£ 450 45mins
  • This is abasic package which includes highlights of the wedding day


£  650 1hr
  • This packeg is similar to the basic packege, it is an extended version of the basic package the client chooses what to include in video


£ 950 1hr 30min
  • This package include all scenes of the from church to reception plus 250 photos


£  1500 2hrs
  • thos packageis a two camera shoot. all activities of the wedding indluded plus 250 photos


Phone: +44 75412525009
Land line: +44 208  3506466