AILTV which stands for AFRICANS IN LONDON TV, started as a simple idea to explore the progress of people of African origin who live and work in London and the rest of the UK. 

Africa has a long history associated with Great Britain. Africans have been coming to the UK for over 500 hundred years or more . Most importantly Africans came here as traders, diplomats, academics and so on.

The image of African people all over the world has been distorted and projected negatively through mainstream media and political propaganda.

It is important know that all tribes of 56 African countries can be found here in London and the reason is because of the British colonial ties with African nations.

Africans, like any other society in the world, aspire to do well and live a better life, but due to political turmoil throughout Africa, peace and stability has not yet been realised resulting in mass migration to western and European countries. 

Africa has a very high number of educated people. For example there are plenty of professionals including doctors, professors, aerospace engineers, teachers, lawyers, writers, authors, artists, business men and women, musicians

working here in London and Northern Ireland. Our duty is to profile these individuals. it is important that these people are known to the public.

Joseph Otieno Adamson


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