Music & Dance

Whether you are new or familiar with African music and dance, you will find something new on AILTV. From Soukous to Afrobeat or African tradition music with modern twist all is covered. 

Fashion and Beauty

When it comes to Fashion African fashion and African fabrics are up there competing on a world stage.
African designers are also gaining ground and their designs and garments are worn by Celebrities and big personlities all over the world.

Diaspora Debate

Africans in the diaspora are finding their own spaces and doing things without relying on the government or government bodies for funding to organise conferences and politacal debates.


Senior citizens are actively involved their own programms including dancing, and other activities
that keeps them fit and healthy.

Health Matters

BME nurses have kept the NHS going for many years.
From the experience of working with the NHS, some are branching out and creating their own healthy business ventures.

Community Events

AILTV is committed to documenting events that are taking place in community centres , libraries or anywhere there is anactivity taking place.

Young Entrepreneurs

This is an erea AILTV is keen on exploing there are plenty of young entrepreneurs of different backgrounds who are becoming wealthy creators, and will be featuing their success stories.

Immigration Matters

Immigration is a very complex and concerning matter. African in the diaspora have set up thier own law firms and are established and are able to handle cases of those in need by fellow Africans.

Food & Drink

It is common to get African and African Caribbean food in restaurants or on the streets of London, more importantly is consumed by anyone.

Swahili Films

Film directors and producers from East Africa, are making films and soaps for the East African and for the diaspora, but also swahili is spoken by 10 million people around the world. AILTV will be featuring some of the the films made in the region.

Diaspora Success Stories

There are plenty of diaspora succes stories, including young male or female managers in big corporations, or running their own businesses but also there are professors, engineers, actors and scients, writers and authors and many mny areas of our every day lives.

African and African Caribbean History

This a very interesting history becacuse it concerns
The Africans and The African Caribbean we all come from the same continent. AILTV is developing programms with people who have the experince and deep knowledge of living in London and the rest of UK.



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