African Connections.

The diaspora comes in all sizes, shades and syntheses. Pull at this loosely bound ball of energy, one strand comes loose in the Caribbean, another in America and some strands in Europe. A clutch of us live and play here in London, and for some reason this city is greater at revealing the interwoven connections between Africans than any place I have been. My ‘Perspectives’ series showcases Africans who are making the buzz everywhere. If there is a drop of African blood in a changemaker we seek them out for their views and get an insight into their world view.

Of course anthropologists will scold us and remind us that since humanity began in Africa, everyone has a drop of Africa blood in them, though it may not be apparent on the face of it. Indulge us then if from time to time we feature long lost cousins whose shades are paler. The issues they address on AILTV will have direct relevance to the fall and rise of our dark continent.

I hope you will enjoy Perspectives and respond by blogging, tweeting or through the megaphone of your choice. Your voices are important to me so speak up.

Joel O’Loughlin

AILTV Perspectives Presenter